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Living life in Lanzarote
Our island is filled with energetic, creative,
hardworking and adaptable people in
every walk of life
Starting up a new business
Lanzarote is easy and straight forward and can be the most
appealing to allow you to move
abroad and control your own life
Life here is great, but of course you'll
need to consider, organising your finances
Finding work in Lanzarote:
If that is the question, then here is all the
info you'll need to know about becoming
a Spanish resident
Education at its best

There is simply no better place
to live & learn
Discover why
Money matters & advice

Outstanding public and private
health care in Lanzarote
Residency or Non Resident?

Spice up your life! Savour the healthy lifestyle that Lanzarote has to offer.
Nowhere in the world compares with Lanzarote's
unique microclimate and perfect
all year round weather
Your Healthcare in Lanzarote

345 Sunshine Days

Take a look at why Lanzarote is fast becoming the Canary Island's jewel in the crown for a new life, new opportunities, new dreams, ... whether on your own, as a couple, for family life or as a retirement haven... welcome to our wonderful Island!

Taste the flavour for life in Lanzarote :

Bringing your pets to Lanzarote
Don't worry, they are just as
welcome as you are.


About Lanzarote
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Tel:  (0034) 636 366 609
Check out where we are:
Address:   Calle Guardilama,   Puerto del Carmen
Lanzarote, Spain.

Discounted property offers,
repo's and the latest 
property BARGAINS
in Lanzarote.

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