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Lanzarote cuisine, special and spectacular

Warm weather, great food, and good wines  ensure an outstanding culinary experience, throughout the whole island.

Lanzarote food culture has been quite a favourite among many people both natives as well as people in other parts of the world. Spanish cooking has relatively popular roots. Actually, you will acknowledge that most of the foods are down to earth and come devoid of the intricacies common with other cuisines. In addition, most of the cuisines are made using locally available ingredients or crops that are grown in the region. You will acknowledge however that there are wide variations in the recipes common in the various Spanish regions.
The number of al-fresco tapas bars in Lanzarote makes it hard to walk through a village without tingling ones taste-buds. In general, Canarian cuisine is a blend of Spanish, African and Latin American influences. Reflecting the island's geographical position as a staging and one time trading post between these points of the compass in centuries past.

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauces Papas arrugadas are always served with a variety of sauces - or mojos. Whilst recipes vary from chef to chef you can always guarantee that you’ll be given a choice of at least two of these sauces to pour onto your potatoes.

The green mojo is a blend of olive oil, vinegar, parsley, coriander and garlic – whilst the fierier red mojo contains the same oil and vinegar base but with the additional kick of chilli and red peppers. Soups and stews also feature heavily on the traditional Canarian menu.


arote has some of the oldest and most visited vinyards in Spain. Lanzarote was in fact the last of the Canary Islands to produce commercial wine and since 1775 they have continued to grow the vines in the unique traditional manor. There are about 18 commercial vineyards on Lanzarote – with thousands of private growers tending patches of vines across the island. Y ou will find a warm welcome from all the bodegas across the island, which is a real eye opener to see how much variety and quality is available from our wonderful island

There is an amazing wine trail for you to explore. The selection of produced wines is vast and everyone will have found "his or her" perfect wine. The biggest range of wines are the white wines (Malvasa seco joven, Malvas a dulce, Malvasa semidulce, Diego seco joven, Malvasa seco und Moscatel).

Rosa and red wines are also available and there is a really good Cava to be enjoyed.
Even if you do not like sweet wines, a must try is the Moscatel dulce liqueur wine.
Bodegas are now also part of the landscape and you will not be able to miss them
 when you pass through the area of the La Geria vineyards.

There is so much for you to explore here in Lanzarote both with all the excellent
cuisine and fine wines that our island has to offer

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